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Cinnamon for Diabetes - Controlling Blood Sugar

Many long-term and recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes suffers are looking for natural, holistic ways to manage their medical condition. While changes in diet and exercise are the recommended course of action, a small herbal supplement that contains cinnamon may be able to manage diabetes. The use of cinnamon for diabetes has been around for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until recently that many medical professionals and doctors decided to take a closer look at this herbal supplement.

One of the biggest challenges type 2 diabetes suffers face is working to control their blood sugar levels. Many clinical and medical tests have shown that when people who were diagnosed with diabetes took supplements that contained cinnamon for diabetes management, their blood sugar levels came out lower than those who did not take the supplement. Medical experts believe this works because the cinnamon works directly with the body to create a lower insulin resistance level. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the body to naturally reduce blood sugar levels. The lower the body’s insulin resistance level the more insulin is naturally created which helps manage the diabetes.

The use of cinnamon for diabetes management is safe and will not interact with most drugs or medications. However, there are some medical conditions and other supplements that could interact with the cinnamon. While cinnamon may lower the body’s blood sugar it can also increase the risk for various liver problems. Diabetes sufferers who have previous liver problems may want to consider talking to their healthcare provider or doctor about taking cinnamon for diabetes. Also, diabetes patients who are taking any other supplements or medications to lower blood sugar may want to consult a healthcare provider to ensure blood sugar levels don’t drop too low. Other natural supplements designed to lower blood sugar include alpha lipoic acid, bitter melon, devil’s claw, garlic, horse chestnut and Panax.

Controlling type 2 diabetes in a safe, natural way is possible. Lower blood sugar levels can be achieved by changing diets to include healthier foods, exercising more and adding an herbal supplement with cinnamon for diabetes management. Achieving lower blood sugar levels will prevent the body from having high blood sugar spikes. Learning to control the blood sugar levels will help with diabetes management and help reduce the risk of complications such as heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure from arising as a result of the type 2 diabetes.